Football Coach Has Theory On Why Players Are Weak. It Involves The Fathers Of Teenage Girls

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

UConn Huskies football coach Randy Edsall had some pretty hot takes about why some current football players are weak.

The Huskies leader recently addressed the media to discuss why his young freshman have to learn how to be uncomfortable, and his thoughts didn’t disappoint one bit.

Edsall said the following, according to the Hartford Courant:

When we had to pick up the phone and we wanted to ask that girl to go out with us and dad answered the phone, then you had to deal with talking to the father. You didn’t have to just text, ‘Hey honey, how are you, can I go out with you?’ or maybe FaceTime with them. [Today’s college kids] never had to face adversity.

They’ve never had to be comfortable being uncomfortable. They’ve never done that. And now they come here, and they’re going to be uncomfortable.

There are very few things I agree with more than these ideas from Edsall. He’s absolutely got a point. These young bucks these days who are under the age of 20 have no idea how hard it was back in the day. I’m 26 years old, and it was still probably too easy back in my day because the vast majority of people were starting to get cell phones by the start of high school. However, it still wasn’t all roses for us. There was still the father guarding the gate at all times. (RELATEDSEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

Now, go back even 30 more years, and you’re talking about a whole different ball game. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, there wasn’t texting or firing up your camera real quick. You had to call the house and pray like hell the girl you’re looking for picked up instead of her dad. Otherwise, you were about to get an interrogation that would make what we do to the terrorists look like a picnic. Nothing is more terrifying than a father when he gets wind of a new guy pursuing his daughter.

You live through four years of that in high school, and you’re bound to come out a grizzled tough man. Now, kids can just fire up their cell phones and their parents have no idea what the hell is going on. There’s no gatekeeper, no scary father and nobody threatening to bury you on their land if things go south. Once you actually examine the situation, there’s no doubt that Edsall is a billion percent correct.

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