Another Pro Athlete Drops Sickening Amount Of Money On Absurd Purchase

David Hookstead | Reporter

NBA player Chris McCullough dropped $100,000 on an Brisk Iced Tea chain.

TMZ reported the following details:

TMZ Sports has learned … the 2015 1st-round pick wanted something that would symbolize his unique nickname, so he hit up Moses the Jeweler in NYC to hook him up with the one-of-a-kind piece.

We’re told the piece — which is made with 14k white gold and heart and arrow cut diamonds — took about 6 MONTHS to complete due to all the details.

You can see the chain in the video below.

How many times do I have to point out how stupid some athletes are with their money? McCullough, who has played for the Nets and Wizards, is currently a free agent, and has made less than $4 million in his career before taxes. What is he thinking? Best case scenario he’s pocked about $2 million in the past three seasons since entering the league.

That means he just spent five percent of his earnings on a Brisk Iced Tea chain! What the hell is he thinking? (RELATED: NFL Player Makes Possibly The Biggest Bonehead Purchase Ever. Here’s What He Bought)

Why anybody would ever spend a single penny on a chain is beyond me. Why anybody who has hardly made any money in their pro career would spend six figures on a chain is one of the dumbest decisions possible.

I have a very strong feeling McCullough is going to regret this purchase very soon. He currently isn’t on a team, and I don’t think he will be anytime soon. Smart purchase, Chris! Brilliant!

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