NFL Star Claims He Would Hit His Grandmother On The Field. Is He Insane?

Jena Greene | Reporter

Jalen Ramsey is quickly getting the reputation for saying things … especially when those things are asinine proclamations.

The All-Pro Jaguars cornerback made headlines earlier this summer when he smeared Josh Allen as “trash,” Matt Ryan as “overrated,” and Dak Prescott as “good.” (RELATED: ELI MANNING REACTS TO CRITICISM WITH LAUGHABLE COMMENT)

And during a press conference on Thursday, Ramsey told reporters he was so committed to the game that he would hit anybody who got in his way.

“When you play the game of football, I feel like, to respect the game, you have to play it fierce,” he said. “I don’t believe in having friends on the field. I mean, my brother, my dad, my mom, grandma was [sic] out there — it’s on. After the game, we can be cool. It doesn’t matter. That’s how I feel like you’ve got to respect the game of football.”

Then asked by a reporter if he would actually hit his grandma, Ramsey doubled down.

“No, I definitely would. She knows that,” he said.

I wish I could be surprised by this. But based on the bullcrap tour Jalen Ramsey has been on in recent months, it’s gonna take a lot more to surprise me than him saying he might pancake his grandmother. Like, is that all you’ve got now? He smeared half the NFL, triggered the NHL by saying he could play hockey professionally, and he’s gonna ramp it up by bringing his grandma into this? Who nobody knows?


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The approach is all wrong. If Jalen Ramsey wants to go big, his only option is to start taking shots at world leaders. Maybe start trolling Putin on Twitter. Photoshop some embarrassing snaps of Trudeau. Call Merkel a spineless loser. The key is to punch up, not down. And saying you’d hit your grandma is punching way, way down.

Jalen Ramsey is good at the troll game, but not great. Only greatness gets rewarded here at the Smoke Room.

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