ESPN’s Documentary About Junior Seau Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN has made a “30 for 30” documentary about Junior Seau, and it’s bound to pull at the heartstrings of football fans.

The sports network recently released a preview for the film, which is titled “Seau.” I fired it up and was almost immediately feeling a bit emotional. I think that’s pretty much going to be how most people feel. Watch it below.

The death of Junior Seau, who became a star with the Chargers, changed so many things about football. He was a superstar and shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be studied. It was the first time that a player of his stature and profile killed himself and struggled with brain injuries. It changed everything.

You can pretty much set a marker on the CTE conversation between the dates of Seau being alive and then the day he shot himself in May 2012. All of a sudden, brain injuries were brought to the forefront of everybody’s attention, and that’s the way its stayed ever since. (RELATED: COLLEGE QUARTERBACK WHO KILLED HIMSELF HAD CTE [VIDEO])

I’ve often thought about whether we’d focus so much on CTE if Seau was still alive. Would we? I’m not so sure. It took the league losing one of its greatest legends to really whip up into a frenzy over brain injuries. It’s a damn shame that the world lost somebody of his stature, but hopefully, we all learned something about safety.

I don’t want to have to write more stories about NFL players taking their lives because the warning signs were ignored or not noticed.

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