ESPN Releases College Football Playoff Odds. It’s Extremely Bad News For The Big Ten

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Big Ten might have serious trouble getting a team in the college football playoff if Ohio State goes down.

ESPN recently released odds following the past weekend of games. I’m just going to warn all my fellow Big Ten fans out there. It’s brutal. Michigan’s odds are barely above five percent and Wisconsin is currently sitting at .3 percent.

It’s a sad day, ladies and gentlemen. You know things are bad when there’s a better chance I’m a millionaire by sundown today than Wisconsin makes the playoff. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

The whole Big Ten is absolutely screwed if Ohio State goes down in the title game at this point, according to these numbers. Of course, I think my good friend Han Solo might also have some wise words for a situation like this.

I might be delusional, but I honestly think Wisconsin is still going to win every single game they have left on their schedule. We’re going to win every single one, beat OSU in the title game and take our place at the table.

Or, we’ll crash and burn. It’s really up in the air. All I know for sure is that things aren’t looking outstanding.

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