Fire Tornados Apparently Exist On Earth And Boy Did They Exceed My Expectations [WATCH]

Jena Greene | Reporter

A swirling tornado of fire and fury broke out in Canada earlier this week — and the sight of the natural disaster is even cooler than it sounds.

The so-called ‘fire tornado’ was spotted in Vanderhoof, British Columbia by a group of firefighters responding to the already large inferno. At one point, a firefighter attempted to extinguish the flames with a fire hose but the hose got sucked about 100 feet up into the tornado and got melted into oblivion. (RELATED: TWO CHILDREN HOSPITALIZED AFTER FREAK SHARK ATTACK OFF NY COAST)

You can watch the insane video below.

“Fire tornado destroyed our line. It threw burning logs across our guard for 45 minutes and pulled our hose 100 plus ft in the air before melting it. That’s definitely a first,” one of the firefighters wrote of the video Instagram. “Note: It got over 200ft tall but the smoke was too think to see it clearly on video. Sorry for the profanity.”

I think the under-appreciated part of this video is the person sitting in the comfort of his/her car filming this thing. They feel absolutely zero pull to get out there and help his buddies out. One of them basically gets swept away into the swirling inferno and he’s only minimally moved by it. Big time ups to this person for capturing this natural phenomenon and putting it on the internet for the rest of us. The world needs more heroes like this.

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Jena Greene



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