Man In His 80s Fights Off Three Armed Robbers. The Video Is Absolutely Incredible

David Hookstead | Reporter

Three robbers in Ireland got way more than they bargained for when they robbed Bar One Racing over the past weekend.

The robbers rolled in, and quickly their met their match in the form of an 85-year-old great grandfather. What happened next was incredible. He bravely fought off all three. (RELATED: MASSIVE BRAWL BREAKS OUT AT OLE MISS FOOTBALL GAME. THE VIDEO IS CRAZY)

RTE reported the following Monday night:

Three raiders burst into the betting office just after 6.20pm on Saturday.

One jumped the counter and threatened office manager Tim Murphy, while another pointed a shotgun at 85-year old Denis O’Connor and threatened him.

The raiders demanded the contents of the safe.

Mr O’Connor grappled with one of the raiders and managed to get him outside the counter before he fled.

While being threatened with a hammer Mr Murphy tackled the second raider before he fled.

The attempted raid was over in a little more than half a minute.

The video is absolutely incredible.

I can’t even begin to tell you how badass this dude is. Three armed men enter the building, and you’d think he was a young man, judging from the vigor he fought them off with.

Old man strength is not only very real, but it’s not something you should ever mess with. Old man strength is compiled over decades of experience in this cold hard world. O’Connor was ready to head out of this world right then and there if it came to it, and those robbers clearly weren’t ready for that kind of battle.

The bad guys probably thought this was going to be the easiest job of their lives. Then, reality stepped in and taught them a quick lesson.

Well done, Mr. O’Connor. You’re a hero by The Smoke Room’s standards.

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