Watch Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Allegedly Choke Out ‘Very Drunk’ Customer

Jena Greene | Reporter

A manager at a Grand Rapids, Michigan, Buffalo Wild Wings is under investigation after he allegedly choked out a drunk customer at his establishment this weekend.

The incident was caught on camera and shows the manager cornering the patron and talking closely to his face shortly before drunken man falls to his feet from an apparent chokehold. (RELATED: TAKE 22 SECONDS OUT OF YOUR DAY AND TAKE A PEEP AT THIS MCDONALD’S BRAWL)

The video was quickly posted to social media and received tens of thousands of views. You can watch it below:

In a statement for Fox News, Vice President of Human Resources for JK&T Wings Inc. Jean Lanfear said, “We are extremely disappointed by the incident at one of our restaurants and have terminated the manager, who does not embody the values of Buffalo Wild Wings. We are now working to locate the person involved.”

She added that this “wasn’t the first time” this “very drunk man” caused problems at Buffalo Wild Wings and caused “chaos.”

The manager has since been fired and remains under extreme investigation.

Either way, this video is absolutely unbelievable and this manager seems to have some pretty extreme fighting skills — and some anger management issues.

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Jena Greene



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