NFL Legend Has A Glorious Idea For People Ruining The League, And It Involves North Korea

David Hookstead | Reporter

Cleveland Browns legend Joe Thomas thinks the people responsible for softening up the NFL should be sent to North Korea.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been in the news a lot after he was called for a personal foul after sacking Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins last Sunday. It was an absurd call that might have been right by the letter of the law, but it’s still insane.

Thomas clearly isn’t a fan of what’s happening and tweeted late Tuesday night, “Would the person at the @NFL who thinks the @ClayMatthews52 hit was a foul please stand up so you can; be isolated, publicly shamed and humiliated, and taken away to North Korea so you aren’t able to further in your quest to destroy the game we all have come to know and love.” (RELATED: JOE THOMAS’ RETIREMENT CEREMONY WAS A REAL TEARJERKER)

It sounds like Thomas is taking a page right out of my playbook, and he’s absolutely correct. People who hate football and are ruining our game should either be shot into space or sent to North Korea. There’s no debate about it.

I hate the Packers, and even I can admit the call on Matthews was an absolute circus act by the NFL officials.

Football is our greatest American tradition. I’ll be damned if I let anybody destroy the sport and take the violence out of it. The Packers might be awful, but Matthews did nothing wrong. If you disagree, then head to Pyongyang immediately.

There is no place for you in this amazing country that was built with the backbone of football.

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