Michigan Can’t Win Football Games, But They Did Just Make An Insane Purchase

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Michigan Wolverines don’t know how to win big games, but apparently have the cash on hand to buy a huge TV for their weight room.

The Wolverines just purchased a 25-foot TV for their weight room. You can see a photo of the beast below.

I’m not an expert on weight rooms, but I fail to see how a large TV is supposed to give Michigan the talent to beat Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State or Wisconsin. Am I missing something here? (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

I wouldn’t even think about putting a television like that in a weight room if I was running the program. We’re here to win football games. We’re not here to watch ourselves on massive TVs. You want to do that, then you can do it from the stands and watch the mega screen on the field. It’s ridiculous!

This is football! It’s not a damn vacation. Leave the televisions at home. Maybe if the Wolverines do that they might actually manage to beat a team with a pulse.

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