The NFL Should Adopt College Football’s Overtime Rules

William Davis | Contributor

“A tie is like kissing your sister.”

That famous quote from legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant rings especially true right now for the NFL. In Week 1, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers tied at 21, and in Week 2, the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings tied at 29. Fifteen extra minutes clearly is not enough.

After watching two games end in ties in the first two weeks, NFL fans are furious at the league’s overtime rules. In 2018, there should always be a winner and a loser.


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To make this happen, the NFL should take a page from the college game. The NFL should adopt college football’s overtime rules, play until there is a winner, and tighten up the rules as the overtimes pile up.

College football doesn’t have it perfect, but they have it right. The games may take a while, but it always leaves us satisfied. The fans who showed up to FirstEnergy Stadium or Lambeau field didn’t get their money’s worth, and that is a problem. The NFL is always slow to change, but they need to quickly change their overtime rules, or the league’s reputation will continue to decline.

William Davis



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