NFL Star Hits Up Rap Party Instead Of Rejoining His Team. Fans Will Hate The Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

Le’Veon Bell is really going out of his way at this point to stick it to the Pittsburgh Steelers during his holdout.

It had previously been reported that the electric running back was zipping around Miami on a jet ski instead of rejoining his team. Now, TMZ has posted a video of Bell attending a party for the release of his rap EP afterward at Rockwell. (RELATED: PITTSBURGH STEELERS STAR CONTINUES TO GIVE HIS TEAM THE METAPHORICAL MIDDLE FINGER [VIDEO])

At this point, I’m not sure what else Bell could do to piss off Steelers management or the fans. I’m not saying he’s in the wrong. He’s just trying to get the money he’s owed, but I’m not sure the fans are going to appreciate him balling out while the team hasn’t won a game through the first two weeks.


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If I were an NFL owner and a guy of mine was doing what Bell is currently doing, I think I’d lose my mind. In every negotiation, there’s a point where one side just says screw it and throws in the towel.

My worry for Bell is where the Steelers are headed if he keeps up his very public campaign of appearing not to care one bit.

Only time will tell, but this doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

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