Aaron Rodgers Gives Update On His Knee Injury. Packers Fans May Have Reason To Panic

Jena Greene | Reporter

Aaron Rodgers isn’t exactly putting the minds of his fans to rest.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback, who recently signed a contract with the team worth around $180 million, injured his knee in his Week One game against the Bears. Rodgers left the game but returned to make up a 17 point deficit in the second half and ended up winning the game. (RELATED: WE HAVE AN UPDATE ON AARON RODGERS’ INJURY. SHOULD PACKERS FANS BE WORRIED?)

Rodgers was initially optimistic about his injury outlook. Doctors reportedly told him the injury couldn’t get any worse and he promised fans he’d be back to playing normally in the coming weeks.

But he’s started walking back those claims, indicating his knee could absolutely get worse.

“Yeah, obviously that’s a concern,” Rodgers told reporters Wednesday. “Hopefully it goes the other way though.”

Rodgers started in Week Two’s game against the Vikings and managed to bring them to a tie, but he played the whole game with a massive brace, much to his fans’ concern.

“Obviously it won’t be 100 percent, so I’ll just adjust accordingly to how I’m feeling and try to get through,” he added. “It just depends on how the week goes with the rehab and the recovery. Obviously, I’d love to be better than I was last week as far as health-wise but there’s some factors that are out of my control.”

Rodgers, who’s already a pretty injury-prone quarterback, missed most of last season after he fractured his right collar bone. Let’s hope this season isn’t plagued with equally as serious injuries — the Packers’ need him now more than ever.

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