NFL Coach Comes To Earth Shattering Realization. Bears Fans Will Laugh Themselves Silly

Jena Greene | Reporter

Jon Gruden may have just given one of the world’s stupidest press conferences ahead of Week 3.

Speaking to a group of reporters on Wednesday, Gruden briefly touched on his struggle to field a defensively competent team.

“It’s hard to find a great pass rusher,” he said, per The Athletic’s Vic Tafur.

Under normal circumstances, this sentiment would check out. But given the Raiders’ last-minute decision to trade their star linebacker Khalil Mack to the Bears and their 0–2 record that followed, John Gruden’s probably the last guy to be complaining about his team’s lack of pass rushers. (RELATED: HERE ARE THE BEST REACTIONS TO WEEK TWO OF THE NFL SEASON)


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Good to have you back, Coach.

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Just as a refresher: Khalil Mack is a three-time Pro Bowler, the 2016 defensive player of the year, and holds 42.5 sacks as of Week 2. I think it’s safe to say a talent like that is pretty uncommon.

So, yeah … it is pretty hard to find a great pass rusher. Especially when you trade him away to a very hungry team (who’s already winning with him). I can’t imagine the Bears feel any sympathy.

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