NHL Player Punches Out Opponent. The Video Is Highly Disturbing

Jena Greene | Reporter

The start of the NHL season is still two weeks away, but some players are apparently having a hard time containing their excitement.

Really it’s just one player. Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Domi was having a hard time proving his hockey skills on the ice last night, so he decided to just up and punch Florida Panthers defender Aaron Ekblad, completely unprovoked. (RELATED: NHL PLAYER IMPERSONATES NFL QUARTERBACK’S LEGENDARY OUTFIT IN HILARIOUS FASHION)

You can watch the video below:

Domi was pulled from the game and will likely have to miss a few more games for his misconduct since he violated the cardinal rule of fighting in hockey. You only punch your opponent if he knows it’s coming and you’ve agreed that it’s on. Otherwise, it’s not really fair game. You’re just a dirty player and you look like the league’s biggest hardo — not in a good way.

Hockey isn’t exactly your grandfather’s golf game and fights break out all the time. But even if you’re a known fighter and you have something to prove, this just isn’t a good look. Max Domi looks like an absolute clown for this dirty shot. What an embarrassment.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety will hold a hearing to decide Domi’s punishment.

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