Kentucky’s Football Team Slapped With Massive Fine For Absurd Reason

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The University of Kentucky got hammered by the SEC after fans rushed the field Saturday after beating Mississippi State.

The Wildcats program will have to pay a $100,000 fine for their second offense of fans rushing the field, according to WKYT. A third offense will cost them $250,000. (RELATED: SEC Fans Don’t Like To Use Facts When Discussing College Football)


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I understand the safety concerns of rushing the field, but a $100,000 fine is absurd. That is a mind-blowing amount. Will the school complain? Probably not, because they’re all in on the fans providing a great atmosphere, and sometimes that comes with rushing the field.

I would understand a fine of $10,000, but anything in the six figures is a sign that the people running the show have lost their damn minds.


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Also, I feel the need to point this out a couple times a year. There is never a reason to be rushing the field or court unless you upset a top-five team as a program that is generally terrible, you win your conference as a team that is generally terrible or you win a championship. That’s it. Kentucky fans shouldn’t be storming the field against MSU. It makes them look like they never expected to win that game.

Rush the field if you upset Alabama, Georgia or LSU. Those are wins Kentucky should go wild for. MSU? I don’t think so.

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