‘South Park’ Will Cover School Shootings In Season Premiere. The Preview Is Unbelievable

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The first episode of the new season of “South Park” will cover school shootings when it premieres Wednesday night.

A preview was released Tuesday night for the 22nd season of the hit Comedy Central show, and it’s all about school shootings. In fact, Randy was doing nothing but cracking jokes.

Oh, the outrage after this episode airs is going to be incredible to watch. It’s going to be biblical. But I won’t be complaining one bit, and I will probably love the episode. (RELATED: ‘SOUTH PARK’ TAKES ON THE OPIOID CRISIS IN LATEST EPISODE)

Do you know why “South Park” is so important when it comes to entertainment value? It’s because nothing is off-limits. The show covers absolutely everything.


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The day “South Park” starts picking and choosing controversies is the day the show will stop being culturally important. They either can make fun of everything or they can’t make fun of anything. It’s really that simple.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. EST to watch the return of one of the greatest shows ever made.

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