University President Apologizes For Video Of Him Chugging A Beer. We’re Doomed As A Nation

Jena Greene | Reporter

Southeast Missouri State University President Carlos Vargas-Aburto issued an apology for a recent online video of him chugging out of a beer bong at a recent campus gathering.

The video, which reportedly took place on September 15, shows President Vargas-Aburto on one knee chugging some kind of beer as cheering SMSU students look on and cheer. It already has 150,000 views:

But since some people apparently don’t like fun, losers went after this guy for having fun. And he caved. He straight up issued a campus-wide apology via email for drinking beers with the kids.

“During my attendance at a tailgate prior to the Southeast football game on September 15, I was observed being offered and accepting to drink beer from a beer bong, a device normally associated with excessive or binge drinking, which is conduct I do not condone,” he wrote in the statement. “The above action projects an image that I am not proud of, is not flattering and certainly not expected from the president of Southeast Missouri State University.”

Again, another public figure just crumbling at the first sign of pressure. (RELATED: THIS STEELERS STAR’S TWITTER JUST FOLLOWED A TON OF PORN ACCOUNTS)

If this guy was smart, he’d dig in. He’d bring a beer bong with him to every board meeting. He’d deliver the commencement address with one of those beer chugging hats. If he was really smart, he’d stumble around campus drunk as a skunk every day from here until forever. But I guess we’re too soft to let a college president drink some beer. I guess that’s what the world’s come too. What a shame.

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