He’s Back: Why The Return Of Tiger Woods Is The Greatest Comeback In Sports History

William Davis | Contributor

A DUI. A divorce. A massive scandal. Rock bottom both personally and professionally.

Tiger Woods overcame it all and gave us the greatest story in the modern history of professional sports.

If you had asked most Americans at this time last year whether Tiger Woods had anything left to give the game of golf, the answer would have been a resounding no. But that’s why sports are so amazing, because no matter how bad things get, true legends are never out of the fight.

Tiger Woods is the most transcendent sports legend of my lifetime, and he might be the toughest, as well.

Woods demonstrated that on Sunday when he won the Tour Championship, his first tournament win in over five years. He demonstrated that during the last two majors when he had a chance to win both all the way up until the end, despite competing against athletes much younger and much more athletic than he is.

Despite all of his physical deterrents and personal woes, the mystique of Tiger Woods remains. That’s why on Sunday, as he prepared to cap off his comeback, hundreds of fan literally followed him up the fairway to the final hole.

No athlete has ever united us the way Tiger has for over two decades. Through the highs and the lows, it feels like we were there with him. Even throughout his personal failings, we still rooted are hearts out for him, because he means that much to us. (RELATED: Tiger Woods’ Shocking Sunday Win Brought In Huge Ratings. The Numbers Are Huge).

Next April, Tiger will once again enter The Masters as one of the game’s best golfers. Whether he wins or loses, his presence as a star will once again captivate us the way no other athlete ever could.

That’s why he’s the greatest athlete in modern sports history.

That’s why the comeback of Tiger Woods is the greatest we’ve ever seen.

William Davis



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