Here’s How Fans Reacted When Bryce Harper Took The Field As A National For Possibly The Last Time

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Fans gave Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper a massive ovation as he took the field against the Miami Marlins Wednesday afternoon.

I was scrolling around Twitter when I saw this, and it damn near brought a tear to my eye as fans cheered and Harper gave a bow in what many assume will be his final game with the ball club.

As somebody is a casual baseball fan who enjoys going to the games and popping a few tops, I can tell you beyond a doubt of any kind that Washington, D.C., absolutely loves Bryce Harper. Do I think he will stay? No, but that’s just part of sports. (RELATED: The First Trip To The Ballpark Of The Year Was An Overwhelming Success)

Players leave, they sign with different teams and sometimes clubs have to hit a reset button. Harper is a generational talent, and teams will be throwing insane offers his way. That’s just part of baseball.

I’ve only been a casual Nats fan for a few years now, but I certainly don’t want to see Harper go. He provides a constant storyline and sense of excitement for the team and fans.

If this is the end, it’s been a hell of a ride. Best of luck to Harper wherever he goes. There’s no doubt he’s earned the money he’s about to be paid.

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