Will Clemson’s Star Quarterback Be Transferring To Wisconsin? The Likely Answer Is Simple

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant is now the most sought-after quarterback in America after announcing his intent to transfer.

Naturally, it didn’t take long at all for rumors to stir up that he might be headed to the Wisconsin Badgers. Could he follow in the footsteps of Russell Wilson? Could he put on a Badger uniform and light it up like the Super Bowl champion did for a season after leaving North Carolina State?


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Let me make this very clear to everybody speculating out there that Kelly Bryant is going to be Russell Wilson 2.0 for Wisconsin. That’s almost certainly not going to happen. It’s not because Bryant isn’t super talented, but it’s because my school doesn’t really need him. (RELATED: ONE OF THE BEST QBS IN AMERICA ANNOUNCES HE’S TRANSFERRING. HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW)

Wilson has a great arm, we gave him an amazing offensive line, great running backs and he flourished. We also desperately needed a quarterback. It was a perfect fit because Wilson is a traditional passing quarterback who also has the legs to run. He’s not a running quarterback that sometimes throws.

It’s foolish to think every quarterback that transfers is going to be the next Russell Wilson. He and Bryant aren’t even similar when it comes to their playing styles. Bryant loves running and doesn’t stretch the field very often.


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Plus, the Badgers don’t need him. Alex Hornibrook has started almost every game he’s played the past three seasons and will be an entrenched starter for his season next year.

It’s simply not going to happen. There’s a better chance I’m starting for the Badgers next year than there is that Bryant is under center for Wisconsin.

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