Kobe Bryant Witnesses Terrifying Car Crash. Here’s What He Did Next [PHOTO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Former basketball star Kobe Bryant witnessed a scary car crash on Thursday afternoon, but it was what he did in the aftermath that really has people talking.

It all took place in Newport Beach, California, near a local Starbucks parking lot, where an unidentified car ran a red light and slammed into a Tesla. The Tesla was crushed, and Kobe, who saw the incident take place from the safety of his tinted black Range Rover, pulled over and rushed to the scene. (RELATED: SOMEHOW, EVERYONE MANAGED TO WALK AWAY FROM THIS THIS INSANE CAR CRASH [WATCH])

The victim, a Tesla driver, claimed his or her cell phone had been damaged during the wreck, so he offered up his own phone so the driver could take photos of the damage for insurance purposes. (RELATED: WATCH THIS UTAH TROOPER GET SENT INTO THE NEXT CENTURY BY A RUNAWAY CAR)

TMZ is reporting that nobody was severely hurt in the crash, although the damage to the Tesla definitely looks a little expensive. No arrests have been made in the incident.

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Jena Greene



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