This May Be The Most Idiotic Ohio State Hype Campaign In The History Of College Football

Jena Greene | Reporter

Ohio State University rolled out a new graphic ahead of Saturday’s game against Penn State, and it’s predictably causing a lot of outcry.

Ohio State, which has been in the news after allegations that head coach Urban Meyer ignored alleged domestic violence by former assistant Zach Smith, follows a tradition of dressing in all white during their game against Penn State. (RELATED: POLL: THE PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO WANT URBAN MEYER FIRED MIGHT SURPRISE YOU)

But their hype campaign for Saturday seems to have completely forgotten the allegations about Meyer’s silence.

Naturally, a lot of people criticized the “silence” campaign and called it tone-deaf.

Does Ohio State even care at this point? Or are they just trying to trigger people? We already had to live through Urban Meyer’s unapologetic apology tour with ESPN earlier this month, where he claimed to feel about “the perception” that he was silent about abuse against women. At this point, it really just feels like the Buckeyes are trolling us.

And here’s the craziest part. It seems like Ohio State only powers up after this stuff. They inject public outcry into their veins and turn it into bone grinding success. The more the internet hates them, the better they get. And this ad just seems like the latest attempt at ginning up controversy ahead of a very important game.

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