Nebraska’s Football Coach Makes Mind-Boggling Comment. Do You Agree With Him?

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Nebraska football coach Scott Frost doesn’t seem too worried about the state of his program.

The former UCF coach was discussing a sick player when he said, “I’m used to the mania of things around here and people inventing things. I’ve lived that before. Not everything is newsworthy or a disaster.”

I understand the point Frost is trying to make here, but he needs to choose his words a bit more wisely. For those of you who might have forgotten (including Frost himself), Nebraska is currently 0–3. That’s right. They are three games into the start of the Frost era and don’t have one win. (RELATED: WISCONSIN GETS BACK ON TRACK TO A NATIONAL TITLE AFTER ROLLING THROUGH IOWA)

When that happens, people are going to overreact to things. That’s simply the way fanbases and the media works, especially at a school that expects tons of wins.


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So Frost better understand that if he doesn’t start putting up wins, then the rumor mill will on speed up. Let’s face it. Nebraska is a disaster right now, and putting it any other would simply not be truthful.

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