Watch Rams And Vikings Fans Get In One Ugly Brawl

Harrison Goldstein | Contributor

The hard-fought battle on the field between the Rams and Vikings was not the only violent encounter at the LA Memorial Coliseum on Thursday night, as several fans of both teams participated in a vicious physical altercation in the stands.

The melee began when a male Rams fan smacked a female Vikings fan in the face. A combative atmosphere quickly developed, with several fans yelling at each other through the crowd.

An angry man in a Todd Gurley jersey got into a shouting match with another Rams fan — possibly the man who smacked the woman — and punches were thrown. The man in the Gurley jersey was able to land a few straight right hands but was then launched down several rows of the stands by his bigger foe.

Two women subsequently started fighting, with one throwing brutal 12-6 elbow/tomahawk punch that would have gotten her disqualified in the UFC. Someone restrained her by yanking her hair, which seemed to be the move that finally diffused the situation.

Security eventually showed up and ushered several of the participants out of the stadium, according to TMZ.

While the combatants were able to provide free entertainment for all of the other fans, they should think twice before brawling in the stands if they ever want to watch their favorite football teams in-person again.

Harrison Goldstein



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