NFL Star Suffers Horrifically Gruesome Injury. The Video Will Churn Your Stomach

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Cincinnati Bengals star tight end Tyler Eifert suffered a disgusting ankle injury Sunday while playing against the Atlanta Falcons.

Eifert’s ankle rolled up under his tackler’s body, and the result was one of the most disgusting injuries you’re ever going to see. (RELATED: BENGALS STAR MIGHT BE ROCKING THE GREATEST HAIR IN ALL OF PRO SPORTS [PHOTO])

Watch the video below. I just wouldn’t recommend doing it if you’ve eaten anytime recently.

Like I said, that’s one of the grossest injuries you’ll ever see, and it reportedly also is the end of his season.

You hate to see guys get injured. You just hate to see it, but you really hate to see it happen to a guy like Eifert. He’s one of the coolest people in the NFL and has just always given off the impression that he’s just a regular guy playing some football.

The world needs more athletes like him. That’s why this sucks so much.


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Hopefully, he bounces back stronger than ever. Eifert is a legit as hell dude, and The Smoke Room is wishing him nothing but the best in recovery.

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