NFL Player Gets Laughable Sentence For DWI. Does The Punishment Go Far Enough?

David Hookstead | Reporter

NFL free agent Dorial Green-Beckham was hit with a weak punishment for his DWI last December.

According to TMZ, the 2015 second round pick was recently sentenced to 2 years of unsupervised probation, 60 hours of community service and a substance awareness traffic program.


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I don’t know about all of you, but that seems like an absurdly light punishment for driving under the influence. The judge reportedly said the community was “pulling” for Green-Beckham, who last played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Still, 60 hours of community service and unsupervised probation seems the equivalent of not getting punished pretty much at all.

Let me make this crystal clear so that there’s absolutely no confusion anywhere. You’re an idiot if you drive drunk. There’s no other way to describe it. You’re a moron who should be put in handcuffs once the police find you. You can hate me for saying it, but it’s true. (RELATED: NFL LEGEND ARRESTED. THE DETAILS ARE TERRIFYING)

When you get behind the wheel under the influence, you’re putting everybody else on the road at risk. It’s an incredibly selfish decision to make. I’m not saying that you can’t still serve as an example to others, but there has to be a punishment more severe than this.


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Hopefully, Green-Beckham gets life squared away and his football career back on track. He certainly has way too much potential to be getting arrested for driving under the influence.

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