Brewers Star Crushes Beers After Big Win Like A Boss. The Video Is Amazing

David Hookstead | Reporter

Milwaukee Brewers star Eric Thames got wild after they beat the Chicago Cubs 3–1 in a divisional tiebreaker Monday.

How did Thames celebrate the big win and step forward in the postseason? Did he give all his teammates high fives? Did he casually call all his friends and family? He might have done those things, but I know for sure that he also crushed a ton of beers in an epic video. (RELATED: THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS HAVE AN OFFENSIVE NAME TO THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN)

Give it a watch below.

It really doesn’t get much better than that video. Thames is just being as pure as possible as he crushes beers. He’s not holding back at all. He just pops the top and lets the beer start flowing.

I mean, the team is called the Brewers. You just have to drink beer when you play for them and get a big game, right? As a Wisconsin guy, I think I’m more than qualified to say the vast majority of people in my state will approve of Thames postgame actions.

The Brewers will play the winner of the Chicago/Colorado series. You can probably bet there will be plenty of more beers flowing.

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