NY Knicks Player Pulls Disgusting Move. Should He Be Suspended Indefinitely?

Jena Greene | Reporter

New York Knicks star Ron Baker pulled one of the grossest moves I have ever seen with my own two eyes, and I can see no other way of coping with it than suspending him from the league indefinitely.

The 25-year-old guard was playing with only about a minute left of overtime in the preseason game against Washington when Wizards rookie Troy Brown hit him, dislodging his contact lens completely.

Baker needed a new contact lens, but with time running out and not a one in sight, he improvised. By putting the old contact lens in his mouth, swishing it around for a few seconds, and returning it to his eyeball.

As SB Nation points out, you can pretty much deduce all you need to know by looking at these two still shots of his trainer:

I know the NBA has a few big fish to fry ahead of the regular season but this should skyrocket to the top of their list, no questions asked. Have you ever seen a display such as this? (RELATED: THE NBA IS TRYING TO GET JR SMITH TO COVER UP A TATTOO. HERE’S WHY)

The answer to this, of course, should be no. And if you have witnessed a bigger atrocity, you should immediately report it to me in the comments section. This is a crime against humanity, and Ron Baker should be treated as armed and dangerous. He should either be taken in for some kind of mental evaluation or be sent off to the front lines because this guy clearly has no fear and should be used as one of America’s biggest, most ballsy allies during wartime.

The New York Knicks are now faced with a decision. Either can this guy and pretend this whole thing never happened or sign him for an eternity because he’s some kind of fearless unit. I can see no in between.

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Jena Greene



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