NBA Star Forced Out Of His Home By Stalker. The Details Are Disturbing

William Davis | Reporter

At times, we can all take our sports fandoms a little too far.

But there are lines that nobody should cross. One of those lines would have to be stalking star athletes. Unfortunately for Golden State Warriors starting forward Jordan Bell, that’s exactly what happened to him and his girlfriend.

The fan would reportedly wait for Bell outside Bell’s Oakland home every day. While Bell initially thought that he was just a well-meaning fan, the stalking quickly intensified and the final straw came when he approached Bell’s girlfriend and asked her where the Golden State star was. After this, at his girlfriend’s behest, Bell decided that it was time to move to a safer location.

As Bell described the situation to an NBC Bay Area reporter:

I kept seeing him every day. He was just standing outside, he was, like, wearing glasses, had a backpack, he was standing outside. I’m thinking he’s just a fan, wants like an autograph, but he was there every single day, and I was like, that’s kinda weird, you know exactly where I live.

He asked me to sign an autograph, and like, for a week, every day I did it, because I was like, I just got [to the NBA], so like I wasn’t signing autographs like crazy, like that. And then we played the Spurs, I believe, and my girlfriend was walking our dogs outside, and he came up behind her and was like, “Yo, is Jordan here?”

Since the incident, Bell and his girlfriend have decided to move. While the Golden State Warriors center is not the superstar that Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are, he is still a very talented young player who played a significant role on the Warriors 2018 championship team. It’s understandable that he has a lot of fans, but please, folks, don’t follow athletes around in their personal life. Don’t stalk your sports heroes.

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