Charles Barkley Has Some Wise Words About The Stupidity Of Social Media

David Hookstead | Reporter

Charles Barkley once again proved he’s one of the most legit guys on the planet.

The NBA legend was recently speaking to Klein College students when he said, “Social media is the worst thing to ever happen to the world.”

Sir Charles with the wisdom the world needs! (RELATED: Charles Barkley And Shaq Get Into The Shouting Match Of The Year [VIDEO])

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I couldn’t agree more with what he had to say. Now, do I think it’s worse than WWII or things on that level? Obviously not, but for a regular day-to-day situation, social media is pretty awful.

Not everybody needs to voice their opinions. That might be hard for some people to hear, but it’s 100-percent true. Social media has convinced some people they’re more important than they actually are. Nobody cares about the opinions of 99.9 percent of people on this planet.

The vast majority of people on Twitter shouldn’t be there. That’s the truth. They’re annoying, they don’t have original points, and there’s nothing of value provided by their presence.

Yes, I understand how this seems like a double standard because I have Twitter. Save it. It’s not even close to being the same as some clown whose life revolves around social media.

Once again, Charles Barkley has been the unexpected voice of reason.

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