The Wisconsin Badgers Have To Take The Next Step As An Athletic Program. Here’s Why

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s time for the Wisconsin Badgers to elevate our athletic program to the next level.

As somebody who is an expert of my beloved program, we’ve had enough of almost winning titles. It’s time to just kick the damn door down.

I had a phone call the other day with somebody closely tied to the program, and it quickly turned into a venting session about our frustration with never getting the job done. Yes, we win Big Ten titles, make the Final Four in basketball, win big games but we just don’t win championships when we should. It’s sad, but it’s true. (RELATED: The Latest College Football AP Poll Is Here. The Number Nine Team Will Surprise You)

When will it be our turn to stop being the bridesmaid and finally just be the damn bride. We’ve attended enough weddings. It’s our time to finally be the star of the show.

How many great teams have we had that should have won titles? Our football team last season, the 2011 team with Russell Wilson and our 2014 and 2015 basketball teams are four teams that I can name right off the top of my head. Expectations were so high, and ultimately we were let down.

I know many of you are going to think I’m a whiner because I’m complaining that we win a lot, but that we don’t win enough. Yes, I get where you’re coming from. How many teams and programs would love to have our success?

We’re consistently ranked among the best athletic programs in the country. Yet, somehow it just isn’t good enough.

We want rings. We want championships. We want to elevate to the next level. We’re tired of being right in the mix at the end, but not coming out on top. Badgers, start winning championships.

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David Hookstead



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