Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Is Lucky To Be Alive After Losing To The Vikings [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford should be thankful he didn’t break his neck Sunday in a loss to the Vikings.

Why do I say that? It’s pretty simple. His offensive line allowed him to get absolutely mauled, and gave up ten sacks, which is a record for the Vikings.

The tape is scarier than anything you would have seen during the Halloween season. Give it a watch below.

I don’t know what the remedy here is for the Lions, but Stafford is going to end the season on a stretcher if they can’t get it figured out quickly. (RELATED: The Detroit Lions Start The Season With One Of The Worst Games Of Football Ever Played [VIDEOS])

He got sacked ten times! Ten times! Are you kidding? He’s getting murdered behind the line of scrimmage.


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We’re not paying Stafford millions and millions of dollars so that he can run for his life every time he’s snapped the ball. I would be irate if I was him, and I would lose it on every single person responsible for not providing proper protection.

The Lions need to keep him upright and capable of throwing the ball, or we’re screwed. Honestly, I might not take the field again if I was playing behind that line and protection.

He’s one bad shot away from ending his season.

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