Multiple Gang Members Arrested, Accused Of String Of Celebrity Robberies 

Jena Greene | Reporter

Remember that string of celebrity robberies that happened in the Los Angeles area over the past several months?

It turns out, the group of people who allegedly carried these crimes out is pretty massive. (RELATED: Police Are Heavily Guarding This Surprising Place During The World Series)

TMZ is reporting that 10 suspected gang members are thought to have carried out the robberies, and they managed to hit the homes of Rihanna, LeBron James, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig, and Rams wide receiver Robert Woods.

Three individuals were identified and arrested thanks to Puig’s home security system footage, which captured some of the robbers on camera.

You can the surveillance video below:

The seven other alleged perpetrators, who are all between ages 18-25, were taken into custody and charged Wednesday. Police say they carried out more than 24 robberies, and had at least a dozen more planned — including one to hit Viola Davis’s house.

They also say the alleged gang members stole upwards of $1 million, as well as an additional $500,000 in cash, handbags, watches and other valuables. At least one of the men was also in possession of a firearm at the time.

Of course, nothing has been proven yet and we’ll have to wait to see how everything shakes out.

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