Kliff Kingsbury Meets With The New York Jets And Arizona Cardinals

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Kliff Kingsbury has begun the process of meeting with NFL teams.

According to Bruce Feldman and Adam Schefter, Kingsbury met with the Jets Monday and will meet with the Cardinals today. It’s not clear whether or not he is still employed as the offensive coordinator at USC. (RELATED: Kliff Kingsbury To Interview With The Arizona Cardinals And New York Jets For Head Coach Openings)

This entire saga with Kingsbury has been absolutely insane. First, the Trojans blocked him from speaking with NFL teams, then there were reports he was out at USC, and now he’s interviewing with an unclear job status.

Like I said, the past few days have been absolutely out of control for the former Texas Tech coach.


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I’m telling you, I really have no idea what’s going to happen here. USC can’t wait forever to find out if he’s going to be their offensive coordinator or not.

If he has one foot out the door, then they should just officially get rid of him in order to focus on the 2019 campaign.

Right now, it’s all just becoming a massive distraction. I’m not blaming Kingsbury for that. He should try to get an NFL job if it’s an option, but this is quickly becoming a circus.


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If I had to guess, I wouldn’t bet on Kingsbury being with USC week one of the 2019 season. It sounds like he’s all-in on exploring NFL options, and I don’t blame him one bit.

The money is better, and it’s the highest level of football a person can get to. I do know for sure that this will continue to be one of the biggest storylines in the sport until we get some kind of resolution.

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