Kelly Bryant’s Former Clemson Teammates Visit Him For Missouri’s Spring Game

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kelly Bryant’s former Clemson teammates showed him a lot of support over the weekend.

Bryant was the starter for the Tigers two years ago and started part of the past season before transferring. Clemson ended up winning the national title, and the star dual-threat quarterback found his way to Missouri.

Despite not being on the same team anymore, several Clemson players made a trip to Columbia to see Missouri’s spring game.

This is a very neat moment for everybody involved. You could see how hard it was for Dabo Swinney to bench Bryant in favor of Trevor Lawrence.

It was the right call. The young freshman led him to a national title, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to bench his former starter. (RELATED: Kelly Bryant Won’t Leave Missouri After 2019 Postseason Football Ban)

The fact so many Clemson guys showed up to support him just goes to show how popular he was with his teammates.


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I really hope that Bryant tears it up at Missouri. I don’t know if he has an NFL future or not, but I’d love to see him dominate in the SEC.

Watching him go from the ACC to the SEC and tearing it up would be awesome. We’ll find out in a few months. I like his chances.

David Hookstead



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