Ed Orgeron Hilariously Responds When Asked About Paying A Man To Schedule ‘Cream Puff’ Games

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron had an incredible response when asked about paying a man to schedule weak competition.

On Wednesday, Coach O was asked about paying a staffer $500,000 to schedule “cream puff” non-conference games for the Tigers. (RELATED: August Is Officially The Start Of College Football)

Without missing a beat, the iconic coach responded that the staffer is “worth every dollar.” Watch the awesome moment below.

This is why Coach O is awesome, and the absolute man. Dude gets asked about paying somebody $500,000 to schedule cupcake games, and he didn’t even miss a beat.

Of course paying somebody that kind of cash is absurd! You think Coach O cares? Hell no. He’s too busy focusing on how to dominate in the SEC.

In case you were wondering, the Tigers are playing traditional powers Georgia Southern, Northwestern State and Utah State in the non-conference slate. Worth every penny!

They also play Texas, but let’s hold off judgement until we see how good the Longhorns are this season.


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I didn’t even know schedulers existed, and I damn sure didn’t know they got paid this kind of money. I might need to find a new line of work.

For $500,000 annually, I’ll find you the biggest cream puffs imaginable to play. They’ll be out there playing high school teams if it comes to it.

Stay frosty, Coach O. His entertainment value heading into the season seems higher than ever.

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